Household management

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It is incredible how efficient life becomes when you no longer need to worry about the management of your home. At TOWNHOUSE, we do everything we can to take responsibility for the natural needs any high value property comes with, for our clients. TOWNHOUSE is perfectly positioned to take care of your home requirements, with a knowledge of bespoke and luxury homes and a wealth of contacts and entrusted staff to carry out the job. We know that the service we provide will only ever be to an exceedingly high standard.

High value homes naturally seek unprecedented levels of maintenance. Due to our gained experience within such homes and from being on the inside, TOWNHOUSE have seen and are able to manage and oversee all aspects of residential maintenance with a deeply sought after eye for detail.

We help set up new homes prior to your arrival, we maintain and manage high value properties, hold your keys, source bespoke items and furnishings, replace and ship beloved pieces, offer invisible refurbishments and repairs - with no alterations to you going about your every day life and provide an unprecedented knowledge of a property and its needs.

Our first steps are to gather relevant information from yourself or a trusted right hand body, to gain an exacting picture. With these key facts, we may then deliver a comprehensive quote and prioritising timeline for all necessary works. Our established contacts and access to a trusted team of professionals, makes us experts in working with high value property.

Uniquely, each job is supervised minute to minute as opposed to start to finish, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, as so often the case. No matter the size of the job, from seeking the repair of smaller amenities such as a bathroom fixture to larger projects, be it a complete household refurbishment each is dealt with equal importance and efficiency and with the same implemented values and beliefs of consistently providing exemplary service and standards to our clients.

Throughout any effecting work to your property, our foremost concern is your continuing comfort. Works are scheduled immaculately to guarantee no discomfort or disruption to you or your family.