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TOWNHOUSE have a separate little secret up our sleeves, we have a few incredibly talented specialists that are AMAZINGLY good at throwing parties and coordinating events, each are individually designed so every one is unique.

Would you like to hold an event but aren’t sure how to go about it?
Are you thinking, Flamethrower? Soloist? Magician? Calligraphers?
Do you need, Staging? Marquee? Lights? Caterers? Props? Florists?
With vast resources TOWNHOUSE can organise the things that you need to be in the places that
you want them, or if you are just not sure how to turn your great idea into the real deal then we
can inspire you to do so.

If you simply want assistance in creating your one off event or you would like us to take care of everything for you, TOWNHOUSE is available to hire in whole or in part.

With imagination as the key, let us plan your party. We can plan for extravagant or casual, whether it is a lavishly dressed marquee in the acres of a countryside manor house or a gathering in a private venue with a home cooked meal we can take care of it for you.

We take care of every thing from invitations, just think about whom you want to have around you and we can ask them to be there, down to the most spectacular floral creations, balloon work, ice sculptures and so much more - the possibilities really are endless.

Or if you would like to do it all yourself but don’t have the assistance on the day why not hire our team to come and help you make it happen? The TOWNHOUSE team is ready to go; always on standby we can be there to assist you immediately. If you are slightly flustered but have gone to such effort you are willing it to work then why not get us in to help!

All our staff have years of experience with catering, hosting and events so there will be nothing to worry about with our capabilities.

Some pictures below of only a few examples of our work.