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In the new age of Google, it can take hours to scroll for that ‘right thing’. Be it a gift, an item for oneself or that particular piece you imagine in your home.

We can source anything and everything from bespoke one of a kind items, to custom made furnishings. We work with Londons finest departments, with international links to source things such as hand made costumes for that fancy dress party, a one off handbag, a watch of only 5 in the world; anything is possible!

Some clients likewise prefer one of our consultants to accompany them shopping, we offer this service as part of a requested friendly face when clients have been faced with the daunting prospect of scouring the shops.

We can send you mood boards for an idea, be it for an event and you would like to consider a selection of outfits, a room that you would like to remodel, a gift that you can't decide on. Have us create a picture gallery for you to view it all on one page. Convenience at its finest!